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Interior signage solutions are created to encourage clients to a specific activity. Thanks to them the advertising message reaches the clients in commercial interiors. Key Company provides interior signage in many forms to suit diverse interior, from contemporary and simple to traditional ones. We have a wide range of solutions to meet the needs and budgets of every client.

These wall- or ceiling-mounted boxes, internally illuminated either by fluorescent or LED system, can be made in different shapes to suit your specific requirement best. They can be single- or double-sided. Their face is made of moulded or flat acrylic glass and their construction is powder coated (according to RAL system), made of steel or aluminium.
With these product we might present graphics and letters in a unique way by creating one of the various light effects. Among them you can find: afterglow (halo effect), control of the intensity of the light in specified parts of the graphic, neon-imitation, adding more depth to the image.

Laser cutting technique combined with internal lighting, allows us to create a unique 3D effect maintaining the thinness of the advertisement.

Thanks to the placement at distances, the front obtains an additional afterglow.

We produce various kinds of advertising mirrors:
  • Illuminated – internally illuminated with a logo or other graphic printed on a reverse; 
  • Multi-sequenced – electronically controlled internal illumination of the semi-transparent mirror with a set of graphics placed under the surface; allows to achieve dynamic effect;
  • Multi-reflecting – giving a unique depth effect to the graphic placed on its surface
To each kind we can add LCD screen that displays advertisement.
These advertisements have transparent plastic frames illuminated with LED system. It gives a unique edge lit (in almost any colour) that enhance the shape of the advertisement.

These are transparent plastics with the graphics engraved on their surfaces. The Led lighting scattering on the graphics gives interesting light effects.

Thanks to our unique technology, we can perfectly imitate neon tubes eliminating at the same time all their weaknesses. This product is easy and safe in use, less fragile and cheaper than neon. By eliminating the need of using neon tubes, we made our product more eco-friendly.
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